May 2011 not fly by so quickly, may it bring all that is good, and let’s remember that life is worth living, so live it to the full!

I am not very good at doing the whole ‘Christmas Card’ thing like they do in England.  In South Africa, people haven’t sent cards for years and years.  I understand that in the snail mail years, it was probably a good way to keep in contact – at least you’d be in contact once a year.  However, I am not sure how relevant it still is in the digital age. I am not even sure what first class post costs these days, but I commit to spending the money I would have on Christmas cards to Charity.  I shall split the amount I would have spent between Children of Africa (the charity we run) and The Heart Foundation (as I have kindly used their image on this post).
I have sat down and put together a ‘Contact me in the following ways’ card.  Included are the following ways I can be contacted:
  • mobile phone
  • home phone
  • email address x 2
  • facebook
  • linked-in
  • twitter
  • skype x 2
  • yahoo messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Blackberry messenger
  • Blog
  • Snail mail address
My gosh, it is such a long list, when I look at it.  If any of my friends would like me to send the contact card (and I haven’t already), then please let me know and I shall forward it forthwith (by email of course!).