When I haven’t been to London, I either forget how things are, or London has changed over the past years. I suspect it is a combination of both.

– there seem to be many more taxi drivers and bus drivers that are women
– I think I have just forgotten how dirty and skanky some parts of London are
– people still ignore anyone around them
– you hear so many different languages, and in some parts you hardly hear English
– I had forgotten how much more beautiful the beautiful buildings look in good weather and bright skies
– I forget how many South Africans are in the South East. Heard so much Afrikaans spoken on the street
– forgotten how cramped London feels
– on the contrary some parts are almost eerily quiet
– I remembered how much better London is on foot!

I virtually walked for about 4 hours solid: Leicester Square to Whitehall to Oxford Street to Covent Garden to Holborn to Kings Cross. The very early start is probably adding to my knackeredness (is that a word?).