Firstly I have to say: 2010 has passed me by in a whirlwind. I am still trying to catch my breath, but the tables keep turning, making me wobble! Next week is December!

So what has my year looked like? I think it has been over-shadowed by work-related activity. So much for working to live, rather than living to work! The year started with the run up to a Project for an NHS client. Once the project got the go-ahead, they asked me to stay on and Project manage it. I guess I didn’t come up for breath until the project went live. We had very little time off to rest during it. We had a short break between phase 1 and 2, giving me the chance to pop to South Africa for a short visit in September. By the time I returned, my parents had arrived for a lovely, yet busy visit. No sooner were they back in SA and the project gets busy again!

I think it is fair to say that I am physically and emotionally exhausted! I need a rest. As I explained to someone the other day: you can’t sprint a marathon!

So, do we have any hols planned? Yes, but no proper hol for a few months yet. We have 3 nights booked in Yorkshire between Christmas and New Year. We do hope though, that we won’t have a repeat of last year and either be snowed in or roads being closed so we can’t get there! Then at the beginning of February we are going to be going to Bali for a fortnight. We were supposed to be going to Colombia, but due to some misunderstanding the trip became just too expensive! Maybe next time.

It is a difficult dilemma. We are living in hard times. Work is scarce. When you do have work available to you, you feel compelled to work as hard as you can and bill as many hours as possible, because you never know when the work will dry up! But that leaves you exhausted…
As we approach the end of the year, we are still very busy, although a lot of what we are doing outside of work, is fun…

This weekend: off to Sleaford, Lincolnshire to visit my friend Leanne & family. Hope we aren’t snowed in!

Next weekend we have 8 friends coming around for dinner, and the next day we have our annual Christmas dinner with Tim’s Aunties in the Midlands. It is always a good day out.
And then I am very much looking forward to afternoon champagne tea at the Midland Hotel in Manchester. I went last weekend too with book club. I shall try and post a picture. Oh so civilised!