Our Christmas shopping is almost done. It is made easier due to the fact that I look all SA pressies back in September, so it was only UK family we were buying for.

Next week we are going to meet up with Tim’s friends for Thai Food in Rugby on Saturday, and on Sunday we’re meeting up with his parents, sister & brother-in-law in Oxford as it is his mum’s birthday. The following weekend isn’t quite as busy – we currently only have something scheduled for Saturday. At the end of the month we’re off to the exciting metropolis (not!) of Sleaford, Lincolnshire, to meet my friend Leanne. First weekend in December we have a little soiree at ours – there are so many people we have been meaning to have over, so instead we’ll invite them all in one go. Not quite a party, but more like an informal, overdue get-together. The 2nd weekend in December is dedicated to Tim’s football (meaning I get a weekend off !) and the 3rd weekend we’re gearing up for Afternoon Tea at the Midland Hotel, followed by a twirl around the German Markets. For Christmas, Tim’s parents and youngest sister are coming to us. And between Christmas and New Year we are spending a few days in the Yorkshire Moors. I am looking forward to that … We’ll both need the rest!

And then …. shock, horror …. it will be 2011. What on earth happened to 2010?!