My gosh, but it feels like I have been living in a whirlwind these past few months. In fact, I think I can say that about this year! I feel like I just haven’t stopped and come up for breath.

So what have we been up to? Here’s the summary version. I had a very quick holiday in South Africa in September. By the time I got back to the UK, my parents were here, but holidaying in Devon. A few days later, we met up with them in the Cotswolds for a long weekend. We stayed in the loveliest cottage just outside Cirencester.

We came back to go back to work, and a few days later my parents came to stay with us for a week. But the time flew by. I think it is actually more stressful the shorter the visit. Because there are so many things you try to cram into so few days. I told them that next time, I think they should stay a little longer ….

The following weekend we took them down to London where they would be staying with Tim’s sister Sue (and family). And during this trip we were reminded that our ‘two-small-car-household’ isn’t always practical. There wasn’t enough room for the luggage and people! So, we had to send Tim down on the train! I think he might have had the easier journey …

We left my folks in London, in very good hands. They loved staying with Sue and Chris. During the day they would explore, and at night they would attend Angus Buchan’s meetings in Central London.

They flew back 2 weeks ago. The same weekend we scheduled our car test drives. We are thinking of buying a new car – and going a little bigger than we have now. The choices were:
– Mini Countryman (bigger, 4 x 4 mini);
VW Tiguan (even bigger 4 x 4)
BWM X1 or 3-series

The first two were ruled out: too big and too small.
BMW 3-series made me feel like I was driving my dad’s car (although it is a nice drive).
Therefore the winner is the BMW X1. Now we just have to find the right one, new or second hand etc. Hopefully we can decide this week.

Last weekend, we had my lovely (and pregnant again) friend Tamsin up for the weekend. She needed some rest, and we tried our best to provide the perfect restful environment for her. It was really great to have her here. Such a pity she moved so far down south! I miss her popping in whenever she fancied …

And, the other exciting news from last weekend was that I finally got an iPhone. I just love ‘playing’ with it. I am addicted to ‘Angry Birds’. If you haven’t played it yet … it’s the best value you could possibly get for 59p! But getting an iPhone certainly doesn’t mean discarding my Blackberry. I am keeping both, as the Blackberry is so much better for work …

And that brings us up to the present ….