One of my favourite things about living in England, is bonfire night.

For those of you who don’t live here, you might know it as ‘Guy Fawkes night’, or know the rhyme “Remember, remember the 5th of November”

The 5th of November fell on a Friday night. Originally we were planning to go to Wythenshawe Park to go and see the fireworks which are put on by Manchester City Council. However, we were invited by our friends, Paul and Rachel, to attend the Round Table bonfire night in Wilmslow, so we decided to go on Saturday night instead.

Bonfire night is all about families going out together. Everyone dresses up warmly, because it is generally very cold (it was about 6 degrees C last night). If it has been raining (which it has), then it is best to go in your wellies (gumboots), because it gets very muddy and slippery underfoot.

Bonfire night is also synonymous with mulled wine (gluwein) and toffee apples, although I give the latter a miss. I like toffee and I like apples, but not together!

We parked up, then promptly started walking in the wrong direction. We knew where the park was, but couldn’t find the entrance! We got there eventually though, paid our £8 each entrance fees, and joined the very large crowd to wait for the fireworks. They were spectacular! I am in awe each time I go to a display. Apparently the fireworks cost about £8,000! But judging by the number of people who attended, I do think they covered costs.

Afterwards we returned to Paul and Rachel’s for dinner. A lovely evening in all.
Today was an equally busy day. It started by going to the Farmer’s Market in High Legh in the morning, followed by some chores. Tim planted some spring bulbs in the garden, and I cleared out the lounge and hallway as we have a new floor installed tomorrow. Thereafter we rushed off to Manchester for a quick session of shopping, followed by ‘Afternoon Tea’ at the City Inn Lounge. (Not nearly comparable to the one at the Midland Hotel!)
We arrived home, dead tired. And the weeks to come are equally busy …