Whenever I am in South Africa, I notice things that are changing, things that have changed and things that will never change!

Things that have changed:
(1) There is a huge big shopping centre at Amanzimtoti. It just goes on and on and on and on. I only drove past it I am afraid.
(2) International brands are now very present in South Africa, however they are horrendously expensive. Far more expensive than in the UK.

Things that are changing:
(1) There is a big increase in the up-and-coming black middle-class
(2) There are still far more white people that fly, than black and coloured people. I am guessing about a 70/30 split. However, MANY of the 30% black people fly business class. On the flight I was on, I guess business class is predominantly black South Africans and foreigners!
(3) South Africa is getting more and more expensive – they have inflation of 8-10% (or about that), which compounds price increases. On top of that, the Rand has strengthened by about 15-20% over the past few years.

Things that will never change:
(1) Africa time! There is never any urgency. It is a very manyana approach to life. Why rush? If I work faster, I will only show up my colleagues who work slowly. We may as well all work slowly …. Especially in government departments.
(2) If you need to do some roadworks, you need to employ 3x as many people as you need, because only a third of them work at a time, a third rest, and a third watch those that work ….
(3) Attitudes – a huge lack of respect for some people – especially between races. I don’t like it. Courtesy, friendliness and gratitude are free …