For those of you who have never truly experienced homesickness, keep it that way. It really isn’t very nice at all. I have a severe bout of it at the moment. I generally suffer from more severely either either just before a trip to South Africa or just after a trip to South Africa. However, it can strike anytime in-between – especially when I am stressed or tired. Or when we have prolonged bad weather (e.g. the wash-out in July and August that was called ‘summer’)!

For those who don’t really know the definition or symptoms, you can find them on wiki by clicking this link:

It feels to me that I get all the symptoms! But in particular I become very tired and lose the will or energy to do everyday things. Things upset me more easily, and I have to make an effort to be social and my normal happy self. I try to force myself to get out and about, see people, do things because I know it distracts me and I honestly do enjoy them while it lasts. But as soon as I am left on my own, I feel like I am slowly sinking ….

Strangely, work, focus and projects are good for me, because it keeps me busy, it keeps me sane. Once I get home and left to my own company, all I want to do it sleep, sleep, sleep.
Thank goodness it doesn’t last forever – and that I have a saint for a husband!