Now call me cynical, but this graph looks odd. In words, what it says is that kids are getting clever, and in the past 2 decades, they are clever at a much faster rate. Well, not the kids of the 1950’s to 1970’s generation – they didn’t get cleverer at all. No, they stagnated for about 15 years. Only since then it seems that the rate they get cleverer by doubles every 10 years!
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Surely this can’t be right. My mum and dad and their friends will be very unhappy to hear that their generation are the only ones that didn’t progress.
So, what feels right? I am sure kids are getting cleverer over time. But other than the kids on University Challenge (genius freaks), I hate to think that the kids today are FAR superior to my intellect when I finished school. In fact, I am going to differ. I have worked with school leavers, and I don’t think they are exponentially brighter than I was when I left school. At least when I left school I could spell!