We are looking forward to going to Edinburgh in a fortnight’s time. We both get to meet up with friends we haven’t seen in while, as well as going to the Edinburgh Festival. We haven’t been to the festival in years.

Unfortunately we didn’t get organised quick enough, and we have lost out on tickets to see John Bishop. I am a little disappointed about that. But there are a number of shows which tickle my fancy. Let’s hope everyone wants to see at least some of the shows I want to see …

I remember the first 2 times I went to the Festival – both of them were by chance. The first time was in my previous life (or so it felt) when someone had bought me tickets to the Edinburgh Tattoo. I remember thinking I would rather have been hung upside down from a tree than go to the show, but couldn’t be rude. In the end, I quite enjoyed it. But I enjoyed the street shows more than anything else and wished we could have stayed longer.

The second time I went, I was there with my friend Kathrine from Norway. I don’t think we realised the Festival was on, but were very pleased when we found out it was. The most memorable part of the trip was a ‘Ghost and Gore Tour’ we went on. It was brilliant – I remember many of the stories they told us to this day. I think Kathrine would say the same if you asked her.