Here is the short version:


Tim and I spent a night in Wales a fortnight ago. Stayed at a place called ‘Bodlonfa Hall B&B’ near St Asaph. What a fantastic place. Beautiful house and views, reasonably priced and incredibly lovely hosts. I can certainly recommend it.

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Bad news is, I sprained my ankle while there! We went for a lovely walk, and on the home stretch, tarred road, I put my foot in a pothole. Not only did I hurt my ankle, but I completely wiped out: hand, knee and foot bleeding and full of grit. I was not a happy bunny.

Family matters

Tim’s parents were house-sitting for his sister in London, and on Friday morning his dad, Gerald, fell down the stairs. Unfortunately he hurt himself quite badly and had to be taken into hospital.
Advice: if you are planning on (not not planning per se) to go to hospital, avoid weekends, holiday season, bank holiday weekends etc. You just aren’t treated until ‘Monday when the physio/doctor/consultant is back in!
Tim and his mum are going to try and see whether they can get his dad released (hmmm, don’t think ‘released’ is the right word – he is not in prison after all!) tomorrow, so they can get him home to East Leake. But they can’t get to speak to anyone until Monday …