Life has been a little hectic of late. Work has been particularly busy. I always new this project would be a challenge – it’s the biggest project I have ever led, but somehow I forgot how stressful it can be. I am hoping that last week was the busiest week, and that it will be a little managable from here onwards, until go-live on the 1st August. But the good news is that all is still going well and they seem to be very pleased with the progress.As a result, I don’t have too much news. I have literally been working or sleeping this last while ever since I recovered from those bugs that knocked me flat.

This weekend has luckily been a good one thus far. I finished work around lunch time to give me time to sit down and watch the World Cup opening ceremony followed by the Bafana Bafana vs Mexico Match. I was very nervous that if South Africa played like they did in the first 10 minutes, that we would be totally disgraced, but the boyz rose to the challenge! Didn’t they do well?!

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Friday night we had some friends around and it was very pleasant. I cooked typically South African food and it was a big hit!

Yesterday there was time to do some gardening and clearing out, a quick braai (BBQ) before settling down for the England vs USA match. And oh my gosh, wasn’t that goal disappointing. I feel desperately sorry for Green and that terrible goal, but of course we think Green should never have played in the first place. Put in our Joe Hart, we say!!!

Today, I am going shopping. I was trying to work out when the last time was that I was at the Trafford Centre and it is so long ago I cannot even remember. It must be months and months ago – possibly even before Christmas. I don’t really like the place much, but it is good if you want to go to lots of shops at the same time. And then of course don’t forget that they have Selfridges … and Selfridges has a Yo Sushi! My favourite in the world.

I am also looking forward to taking my car, complete with SA flags to compete with all those with St George’s flags on!