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May 2010

Handbags in Paris in the spring time…

Today is our last day. I have been looking for the elusive perfect handbag since I arrived, but finally gave up yesterday as it just didn’t look like I was going to find it. No sooner had I stopped looking… Continue Reading →

Altrincham weather forecast

I think the image says it all …

WAGs**, Kids and World Cup Dreams

This is a programme currently aired on BBC3 at 9.00pm on Sunday evenings. The first episode is available on the iPlayer (if you’re in the UK). I think it is really good and not ‘wag-like’ at all. ( **For those… Continue Reading →

Illness verdict

Took myself off to the doctor today.  It seems I haven’t got the ‘iepiekonders’ (a pretend illness), but quite bad bacterial infection:  Laryngitis, Trachiatis and something to do with severe fluid in (or was that behind) the ear. In layman’s… Continue Reading →

Why I am not blogging

I haven’t dropped off the planet.  South Africa was great.  I have excellent pictures I need to put onto my blog and onto Facebook. I haven’t been busy, in fact I have been very inactive, sluggish and bone idle.   Those… Continue Reading →

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