I haven’t had time to post properly, so here are a few bits – in the short version.

I saw a man tattooed from head to toe the other day – literally. He had shaven his head an the only bits that weren’t tattooed that I could see were around his eyes and lips. I would have asked him if I could take a picture, but he was in the waiting room in the Oncology Unit, so I didn’t think it was appropriate.

I am very busy – I have something on every night, except Sunday this week. But at least time will whizz by until we go to SA next Wednesday.

Which brings me to the next thing: I do hope that volcano and the prevailing winds will behave themselves between now and next week so that we can indeed fly to SA next week. I will be gutted if we can’t go – especially as I probably won’t be able to take holidays until the end of September now, due to the project.

We were in Surrey and Kent on the weekend: glorious weather, good company, old friends, lots of natter. I miss my friends when they’re not around. Why do people always have to move away? (Including me!)

Weather has been beautiful. When is it going to rain? Please don’t rain in the summer …. Having sun this time of the year is great, but it is still cold! There may even be a frost in the morning. Bizarre.

It is bed time.