What a glorious weekend. And what’s more, we weren’t busy this weekend – so we could “profiter du soleil“, like the French say – make the most of the sunshine. Yesterday I gardened and built my wall. (Although my dad was very rude about my wall, implying that it wasn’t much of a Wall at all!)

Last night, the neighbours joined us on the patio for our first formal braai (bbq) of the season. It was fantastic. It wasn’t too cold to sit out. In fact, we sat out until after 9.00 wearing nothing more than a sweater.

We did have a little braaiiing accident though – the salmon fell on the floor and into the fire! But fast recovery action got it back on the grill in no time and it was fantastic! Cooked to perfection.
Today, we set out with our Nordic walking poles to go and see the changes in Dunham’s Winter Gardens. I’ll post some pictures later, but it was a stunning sea of daffodils and other early spring plants. Beautiful.

I timed it today, a brisk walk to Dunham takes no more than 45 minutes. It’s a lovely route too.
The weather was a little cloudy when we set off, but now that we’re home it is sunny, warm and glorious. I am sitting out on the patio as I type this.

I have just gone to turn and ‘balance’ my compost, based on instruction from my new ‘Cooking your compost’ booklet I picked up at Dunham, so now I am going to put my feet up, enjoy the sunshine while it lasts and read my book.

I have one concern though – April is normally known for ‘April showers’ and we have had hardly any rain at all. In fact, Tim has been watering the garden as a result. And the previous season that happened, it rained the whole of summer instead. I so hope that doesn’t happen this year. Please let it not happen. I need sunshine for my survival.