18 degrees and sunny! I must admit that our arrival in Dubrovnik was one that put a smile on my face and provided me with a warm sense of familiarity. It was good to know where we are going, how things work etc. Although our stay will be a brief one: we are at the main bus terminal waiting for our bus to Mostar (Bosnia) in about 10 minutes’ time. The trip should take about 3.5 hours and cost 320KN (about £40) return for both of us. Although I should add that it cost another 70KN to get to the bus terminal from the airport.

All the Dubrovnik memories start flooding back. I remember what I like and dislike about the place:
– I love the blue skies
– I love the ruggedness
– I hate the smoking
– I am indifferent to paying 3KN to go to the toilet
– I love the clear blue seas
– I love the old town when it is quiet
– I hate the way you can’t move in the old town when the cruise liners arrive
– I am constantly disappointed at the very mediocre food at exorbitant prices
– I really don’t like their wine
– I love the way that sea and mountains are so close together
– I love all the islands
– I do like the fact that the upside of tourism is that English is now widely spoken. It was very different 10 years go!
– I love the wild moustache of the old man standing next to me!

Our bus is late. So much for the travel guide saying that they are generally on time! Let’s hope it isn’t too late – we are hoping to experience the scenic route in daylight hours…
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