Today, we received the most wonderful gift from our friends Paul and Rachel: free range eggs laid by their own hens! And for those of you who know me well, will know that eggs are probably one of my most favourite foods in the whole world. I can be enticed into eating eggs any time any place. If you had to wake me up in the middle of the night with a perfectly cooked plate of egg on toast, I would merely thank you, before eating them. No lie. If I think the worst sort of torture, it would be locked up, deprived of eggs, and then having to watch other people eat them in front of me ….

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Anyhow, what were these eggs like? In one word: fantastic! Nice, big creamy yolks, fresh firm egg whites. They were concerned that the brown eggs taste a little more ‘earthy’, as the hen that lays them is far more into scratching than the white (actually, they are light blue in real light) eggs. But Tim and I didn’t taste that at all. There is a very, very slight difference between them. The white eggs are slightly creamier, especially the egg white. And to be honest, to me eggs are all about the yolks – the richer, the yellower, the smoother, the firmer, the better. And these eggs scored extremely highly in all categories above.