In some ways, I love new technology – some technologies I embrace, she says as she types on her mini notebook now running the brilliant Windows 7. Some technologies seem simple, easy to understand and make your life easier. I include in this category things like: SatNav, personal computing, Blackberries (for email), iPods. But then again, these are some technologies that I just don’t get. I include in that category super-duper mobile phones, television stuff, including Sky (satelite), DVDs, Blueray, HD etc, Linux computing (I am a windows girl through and through and can’t get my head around linux), online gaming and other computer geek stuff like networks….

And although I still can’t get my head around 3D television, I am really looking forward to going to my first 3D rugby screening at the cinema. I don’t know whether I am looking forward to the actual game, or the fact that I get to experience rugby up close, eating popcorn and drinking diet coke, whist not freezing my tootsies off!