It’s amazing how quickly you can become accustomed and used to a situation, especially if it means you life becomes easier as result of it. When all of a sudden, all things change, you almost feel put out – as if you had a right to it.
What am I talking about, you wonder. I have grown so used to having a house-husband, someone to take care of the admin, someone to deal with all the chores, that although I am delighted for Tim having found a job, selfishly I am disappointed that I have to take on part of the chores again! At least he now appreciates how many things I did used to take care of, and now that he knows how to do it all, he can help me going forward.
The other big change is that we have to get used to Tim’s commuting. He’ll need to stay away a couple of nights a week. I am sure he’ll get lonely in the soulless hotel room, whilst at the same time I will be feeling a big void myself at night. But I guess, like anything, we’ll get used to it and adjust.