There are some food combinations which may not be “normal”, or to everyone’s taste, but I love:

  • Avocado and balsamic reduction
  • Egg yolk and HP sauce
  • Hummous and carrot sticks
  • Digestive biscuits with cheese
  • Cheese and apricot jam on good granary toast
  • Bacon and banana toasties
  • Good white bread, real butter whilst drinking diet coke
  • Greek yoghurt and honey (or crunchy granola)
  • Beef and beetroot (in vinegar)
  • Sandwich of ham, good dijon mustard, bit of mayo & iceberg lettuce
  • Strong black coffee and good, dark chocolate
  • Dark chocolate & mint (in spite of the fact that Kerry calls it chocolate & toothpaste!)
  • Pickled ginger and sushi

The list could go on and on and on ….