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February 2010

Egg review

Today, we received the most wonderful gift from our friends Paul and Rachel: free range eggs laid by their own hens! And for those of you who know me well, will know that eggs are probably one of my most… Continue Reading →

Book review: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Overall, I think the book is a tedious and rather annoying lot of twaddle, interrupted by moments of brilliance. Apologies to my friends who enjoyed it (Kerry, Mauwi) and the celebrities that endorse it (Minnie Driver, Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan,… Continue Reading →

3D rugby update

It is really quite strange to see the depth on the field. You can especially see the difference when they’re kicking for posts or during long passes of the ball. Just a pity it isn’t accompanied by a good performance… Continue Reading →

3D rugby

In some ways, I love new technology – some technologies I embrace, she says as she types on her mini notebook now running the brilliant Windows 7. Some technologies seem simple, easy to understand and make your life easier. I… Continue Reading →

All things change

It’s amazing how quickly you can become accustomed and used to a situation, especially if it means you life becomes easier as result of it. When all of a sudden, all things change, you almost feel put out – as… Continue Reading →

Poor Canada …

Don’t you feel so sorry for those poor Canadians that have to work so hard to win a place in the Olympic team, only to be asked to wear a clown outfit to compete in? How awful are they? Next… Continue Reading →

Unusual but interesting international food flavours

There are some food combinations which may not be “normal”, or to everyone’s taste, but I love: Avocado and balsamic reduction Egg yolk and HP sauce Hummous and carrot sticks Digestive biscuits with cheese Cheese and apricot jam on good… Continue Reading →

More snow snow snow

Can you believe we have more snow. Well, actually yes, after this winter we can believe it! It doesn’t even make the news anymore. It has been so cold and we have had more snow than rain, I think! Secretly… Continue Reading →

Terrible rugby

In spite of a very long week, we ventured out to go and watch Sale Sharks in sub-zero temperatures. What a disappointment. I can't decide what was worse: Sale's appalling performance which led to a terrible loss (against Leeds), or… Continue Reading →

Cancer Research Fundraiser

Hayley and I will be pulling those trainers on to do our 2010 Race for Life in June 2010.Please help us raise some funds. It’s all very easy – just a few clicks using this link below. It is a… Continue Reading →

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