We’re in Cape Town and loving it thus far. The weather has been good and we have surrounded ourselves with good friends and good food.

When we were previously in Cape Town, it was either too windy for the cable cars to run or the mountain was covered in its trademark tablecloth, a cloud/mist which makes it impossible to get any views from the top. We decided that we would attempt to walk up this time.

The expedition party was made up of Liesel (better known as Mauwi, our nick-name for her), Kerry, Tim and I.

We started at Constantia Neck, up to the reservoirs, around to the top of the 12 Apostles overlooking Camps Bay and down again. The trip took 5h 51 minutes. We burnt off 2353 calories per the heart rate monitor. And of course we arrived home knackered. Everyone was hurting somewhere else: legs, thighs, calves, bums and the soles of our feet.

It was worth it. We felt a sense of achievement.

Yesterday only the soles of my feet were hurting. This morning my calves feel very stiff. But at least I feel zero guilt for eating whatever I fancy at today’s lunch … at what we understand to be the best restaurant in Cape Town.
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