I was happily trundling across the Pennines on my way to an interview this afternoon, when I thought of my friend Tamsin. I rung her up to see how she is doing, as her baby was due any minute. She answered the phone breathlessly and told me that everything is returning to back to normal again. I didn’t know what she was talking about. “After what?”, I innocently asked.
Oh, you know that the baby was born, don’t you?”
No, I cried!” I didn’t know. It turns out that the mass text message she had sent out had been a little flawed as some people received it, and some didn’t.

But we are very glad to hear that she and Leigh have had a little baby boy called Oliver Seymour (not sure of spelling). Congratulations to the proud parents.

Now we are just waiting for Jodi, my sister-in-law, to give birth to baby girl, Jordan. She had been named at early stages in the womb. A week or two ago the doctors had been a bit concerned and were considering a caesarean, but at the last appointment the doctor seems happy to let nature run its course. Looking forward to having a baby to play with.