Firstly, I need to mention that last night’s rugby game against Wasps were cancelled. It seems there is a bit of controversy around the call-off of the game. For us it just meant going home and watching “Have I got news for you” and “QI” that we had recorded, instead.

Woes continued today when we lost to Ireland: Ireland 15, South Africa 10. South Africa seemed to come apart at the seams during the 2nd half.

But what’s up with this new fashion of rugby players sporting really pathetic looking moustaches? Now, I am not a fan of the tash at the best of times. But if I did have to endure one, I would prefer a healthy looking, manly one. I wouldn’t opt for one of these feeble, 2nd world war style, teenager trying to prove they now have facial hair style moustaches. Is there anyone who is a fan of them? I doubt it.