Anyone had experience of NHS choose and book recently?  Personally I think it is sucks. 
  •     See the GP 3 times before you get a referral
  •     Wait 3 days before you can phone up for your appointment with a consultant (specialist)
  •     Phone up only to be referred to a telephone assessment centre, which is in fact just another appointments call centre.  The person who deals with your type of appointment is busy.  They will call back immediately, but don’t
  •     Phone back the assessment/booking centre.  They can’t book the appointment until I have an agreed date for a piece of equipment I need to keep for 5 days.  I received a letter with a date that clashes with my holiday.  They can only be rung during certain hours.  The people you need to speak to aren’t in.  They suggest I wait until I get back from holiday, go back to the GP and request to be referred again!  I say “no way” it has taken me almost 2 months to get to this point.
  •     They try to put you through to the equipment team, but they’re engaged.
  •     Try to ring the equipment team later.  They eventually agree to do it tomorrow!  Ring back the assessment/booking centre.  They can’t book  an appointment for (a) before  I go on holiday, because it is too soon; or (b) after we are back from holiday because it is too far ahead (beginning January).
  •     Hopefully they will ring me back today before 2.00 pm as promised
  •     I have wasted approx 2 hours this morning