Tim and I had a lovely day exploring the surrounding villages and countryside. Unfortunately, due to the wet and windy weather, much of this had to take place by car rather than on foot.

Highlights: Gigglesworth school chapel outside Settle, Skipton, Waddington, Mitton and as always, Clitheroe.

I hadn't been feeling well, so I had a quick nap before dinner, which truly perked me up. Dinner was outstanding: monkfish not prepared in parma ham for a change! Both Tim and I love monkfish, but find that it is always prepared with strongly flavoured parma ham which overpowers the delicate flavour of the monkfish. This dish was great.

Today (Sunday) we will check the weather and plan a day accordingly. If it is vaguely good, we will be going for a walk. If not, we will slowly start edging home.

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