Tonight can be summed up as follows:
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As Sale Sharks season ticket holders, we were on our way to the match tonight. The weather had turned awful. It was raining heavily and the wind was coming up. Predictions of gale force winds were issued earlier today. We parked up, got out and started walking towards the stadium, when Tim mentioned that South Africa were playing France tonight. For some reason, I thought it was tomorrow. I casually mentioned that I am sorry to miss the game on telly, and before I knew it, we were back in the car and on our way back to Altrincham. We don’t have ESPN (old Satanta channel), so we had to find a pub showing it.

The Griffin doesn’t have satelite, the Stamford Arms were rude and unhelpful, the Railway Pub in Hale was full of men (didn’t see a single woman) and they were showing some U21 football match, the other Hale pub don’t show sport … we were running out of options. We popped into the Aussie bar in Altrincham on the off-chance, and as usual they were fantastic. No questions asked – they just put it on for us.

And what a disappointment. Of course I disagreed with a number of the ref’s decisions, especially the sending off of our players! South Africa didn’t play well – it was almost as if they couldn’t react fast enough to the Frenchie’s quick game!
When I got home, I noticed Sale had won. That hasn’t been happening much recently, I am afraid. And Leeds are bottom of the league!
Let’s hope that England v Argentina will be more fun to watch tomorrow.