The Affordable Art Fair isn’t always that affordable. I know they might think that £3,000 for a piece of art might be cheap, but it sounds like a lot of money to me! The hope is that your artist will become famous and the value of your artwork will skyrocket. Unfortuantely there are no guarantees.

But before you even spend any money, you need to find something you like. Unfortunately Tim and I have such different ideas when it comes to art, that we seldom agree on anything. This is a real problem.

Unfortunately with Tim being boy, he just ‘likes what he likes’. Me, being a girl, I like something pretty, that would suit a room, something that would fit. Something that will enhance the décor. This reduces your options somewhat. It isn’t that I dislike everything Tim likes, it is just that I dislike it for this house we’re in. If we had a different house, it may have been a different story altogether.

The art fair was hopefully going to expose us to may different artists all at once and hopefully we will find some common ground, and hurrah! We did.

The artist is called Helaina Sharpley ( ). She doesn’t paint, she doesn’t sculpture, she does wirework. Now you’re wondering what that is. She uses iron binding wire to ‘draw’ with, creating multiple dimensions.

Unfortunately it does look better in the flesh, but here are some pictures to give you an indication of what it looks like:

From the side, you can see the depth the picture has. This particular picture isn’t of a real working clock, although she does do real working clocks too.
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You never know, we may just buy one or two of these for our house …. That is of course once I have proven that I couldn’t do it myself! (I wish) I think we may just ride out the recession before we start buying frivolous items like artwork!