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November 2009

Rugby woes and moustaches

Firstly, I need to mention that last night’s rugby game against Wasps were cancelled. It seems there is a bit of controversy around the call-off of the game. For us it just meant going home and watching “Have I got… Continue Reading →

I couldn’t wear more

We are at rugby: Sale Sharks vs Wasps. It is very cold. So cold in fact that I am wearing the following: Woollen tights, cashmere socks (purported to be 6x warmer than regular wool), knee length boots, jeans, thermal long… Continue Reading →

NHS frustrations

Anyone had experience of NHS choose and book recently?  Personally I think it is sucks.      See the GP 3 times before you get a referral     Wait 3 days before you can phone up for your appointment… Continue Reading →

Day exploring

Tim and I had a lovely day exploring the surrounding villages and countryside. Unfortunately, due to the wet and windy weather, much of this had to take place by car rather than on foot. Highlights: Gigglesworth school chapel outside Settle,… Continue Reading →

Deep in the Lancashire countryside

The weather reports had been disappointing. Tim and I had been looking forward to our trip to Whitewell since last year. The hotel is very popular and we had booked more than a year in advance to get our favourite… Continue Reading →

Testing from blackberry

Let's see whether this works too… Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange


Hurrah!  It worked!   This may result in more frequent (but shorter) posts …

Testing from email

This is a test to see whether I am able to post to my blog directly from email.  If it works, I might be blogging more frequently from my backberry (if that works too of course).    Technology of today! … Continue Reading →

Wish you’d bitten your tongue?

Well, I wish I hadn’t! Literally. I bit my tongue so badly on Saturday! How? I hear you asking. I do think it had something to do with eating, talking and pulling faces at the same time! Consequence? I am… Continue Reading →

Joys and heart aches of being a rugby supporter

Tonight can be summed up as follows: As Sale Sharks season ticket holders, we were on our way to the match tonight. The weather had turned awful. It was raining heavily and the wind was coming up. Predictions of gale… Continue Reading →

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