I got back to Manchester on Monday morning, and things have again been so incredibly busy since. I arrived home about 9.00 am and started working on 10.30 am. Luckily I had had quite a good night’s sleep on the aeroplane so it was possible.

I completed my Manchester Project Handover last week and got cracking on my new deadline on the NHS project. It’s a very tight timeline, but hopefully it’s do-able. Other than that the week passed almost in a haze. I was feeling very tired, although it has been better these past few days.
This weekend is a relatively quiet one. And I must say, we don’t really have too many quiet and/or free weekends between now and the beginning of Christmas when we go to South Africa. Our schedule is quite hectic.

Tonight we have rugby, tomorrow I have a lady coming around to see whether she can get rid of the knots on my back, Tim has football somewhere near Liverpool (watching not playing! Last weekend’s playing finished him off!), Lisa and I are going to catch up a little, and on Sunday we have Paul and Rachel coming over for one of Tim’s famous Thai curries.
Next weekend we are off to London to: (1) See Leanne – I go down a bit earlier on Friday to do this, (2) Visit the family and (3) go to the Affordable Art Fair, held in Battersea Park. I have wanted to go for about 5 or more years, but we’re always busy when it is on.
The weekend thereafter, we have rugby on Friday and Jon and Sarah’s wedding on Saturday. We also have a weekend planned to visit Tim’s parents, a weekend away at the Inn at Whitewell in the Ribble Valley, and an ‘early Christmas’ meal with the family as we will be in South Africa for Christmas.
At least it will make the time fly!