The last few weeks have been crazy. My one project was going live end of last week, and my other project brought forward a deadline from end of October to Tuesday gone. I had to work every moment I was awake. It left me sleep-deprived, over-worked and out of control. My holiday plans to South Africa ended up being so rushed.

Add to this the fact that my suitcase broke an hour before I was due to leave for the airport, and panic started to set in. I wasn’t impressed that the in-flight entertainment for my seat was broken, and the plane was full, so nothing else to do but sleep. Bag nearly got lost, but turned up last minute in JHB airport.

Weather was grim in SA today. Supposed to get better for 1st week and yucky for 2nd week. Typical. I am a rain-maker. I should start charging drought-stricken countries for my services!

Highlight of my day: went to the doctor (let’s just say I trust SA doctors more) today, and he said: your notes say you’re 39. He then looked on the computer and said: 39 and 6 months … I told him it was correct, and he said he didn’t think I looked any more than 31 … at a push 🙂 Made my day.

Bought lunch for 5 people (including drinks and tip) for £13 in total – at the bowling club! How cheap is that?!?!

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday, Heritage day (bank holiday) and SA national braai (BBQ) day. We’ll be spending the day with my brother and sister-in-law.

Storm (my niece) has got so big, and cute and pretty!

I am very tired. Must go to bed.

Apologies again to everyone who I should have been in contact with … and haven’t been … things should quieten down when I get back.