Let me think about what else has happened in the last month:

Let’s talk about the weather
Well, the first thing to mention, as I am now British, is the terrible British summer. Third bad year in a row now.

I remember when my parents started their guest home in Pretoria. British people would come and stay, and a question my dad once asked a coupe was, where in England do they go on holiday. On no, they replied, they don’t ever holiday in England, they always go abroad. I remember that we found it odd. For those who don’t know, most South Africans holiday in South Africa. This is for a number of reasons: firstly South Africans can often not afford to go abroad, secondly South Africa is such a great, diverse country with so many holiday opportunities, and then lastly, and probably most importantly, it has fantastic weather. And this is where the UK falls down. You just cannot rely on the weather. If you holiday here, you could easily not see the sun at all, and the British are sun deprived. Especially where we live.

Jut this last week I read an article in the newspaper where they say that due to the skin cancer scares, they reckon that up to 35% of the UK population are vitamin D deficient as people are just too scared to go out into the sun. What you need, they said, was 15-20 minutes of sun per day for healthy levels of vitamin D. Hello!!! 15-20 minutes of sun a day? I haven’t seen the sun for days! I am happy to get 15-20 minutes of sun a fortnight!

There is nothing more exciting than looking at the weekend weather report, and seeing the prediction as a ‘big fat sun’ for Saturday or Sunday. As the week goes on, the ‘big fat sun’ is down-graded to a “sun and some clouds”. By Thursday evening, the sun is completely replaced by either ‘white cloud’ , ‘light rain’ or even worse, ‘heavy rain’. I cannot tell you what that does to my soul…

Now that we have the weather conversation out of the way, we can talk about other things, like golf. For those of you who may not know, Tim and I have decided to take up golf. It is something I have wanted to do for years now. Finally this year, Tim agreed that it was a good idea after all, and we took ourselves off to Styal Golf Club for some golfing lessons. We are being trained by a very patient trainer aptly called, Glyn Traynor. Glyn has been fantastically patient with us. We started off barely being able to get the ball to move in the same direction. But I am happy to report that after a few months of practise at the driving range, we are just about ready to be unleashed on the golf course. I am so excited. I have been really enjoying it, and Tim too.

We are, however, now at the point where it is time to buy some golf clubs. And, my oh my, is that a minefield. It is quite a tricky, because you don’t want to buy a complete rubbish set which will need to be replaced in no time, but neither do you want to spend a huge amount of money, in case you don’t seriously take it up in the long run. So it is quite difficult to get the balance right. There are far more men’s sets available than ladies’ sets, so Tim found some without any trouble. I am struggling a bit. Wish me luck.