Thursday 18th June 2009
Le Luc, France

Do you think that air travel is coordinated by the travel industry to be as unbearable as possible, to make any holiday experience that follows seem delightful in comparison? We once again had the Easyjet experience yesterday. After parking almost all the way back in Manchester as the long stay car park was so busy, the queues were long when we arrived in the terminal at Liverpool airport. But this was to be expected. We felt optimistic as there were probably about 6-7 check-in desks open. However, soon after these dwindled to 3 of which one was dealing with the people who had obviously paid a premium to skip the queue and one was dealing with everyone who was late and wouldn’t otherwise get on the flight. Everything grinded to a halt.

Eventually we got on the plane. And I must say, once you’re on the aeroplane, the Easyjet experience improves somewhat – especially if you manage to get to Boots to get a meal deal at half the price to what they’re offering on the flight. But the seats are reasonably comfortable, there is enough legroom etc.

At the other end, we joined a massive queue to pick up the car we had booked. We were really concerned that our luggage wouldn’t fit whatever they would allocate us. On the way to the airport, my mum and I sat in the back, squashed up, because we had to put one seat down to fit the final suitcase in. After another long wait, we managed to drive off in our VW Golf, perfectly packed.

We couldn’t arrive before 5, where we were staying, so we did a detour via Ste Maxime, on the opposite side of the bay from St Tropez. When we arrived it was terribly hazy and the Cote d’Azur looked more like the Cote de Gris, it was looking so grey! But it was hot – very hot – 33 degrees. We stopped for lunch at a Moroccan restaurant. Such refreshing and good food. We were hoping to go to the supermarket on the way out, but I forgot that many small shops were shut on a Wednesday afternoon in France.

We arrived at the gite, La Grande Lauzade, around 5.00 pm as agreed. It was a lovely little converted cottage/barn conversion. Upstairs there was a lovely double room and bathroom. Downstairs there was a kitchen, little living area and tiny bedroom that was just big enough for a double bed. Outside, we had a little living area with a table, chairs and parasol, where we ate every meal.