Our lives have been a little hectic for the past months. Work has been incredibly busy for me, and socially we have been busy too.

My parents were visiting from 10 June to about 3 July (or there abouts). And Tim’s parents visited from 3 – 5 July.

This weekend I am going down to London on Friday to meet up with my Aussie friend Arna, who now lives in China, but whom I met in London. She is here for a fleeting visit. I will take the train down on Friday late afternoon and meet up with her and other ex-colleagues. Unfortunately I will need to get a very early train back up to Manchester on Saturday morning to get ready for Rick and Caroline’s wedding that starts at 1.00 pm! It think it might be a bit of a rush.

Next weekend we’re driving down to Kent to visit Tamsin and Leigh on Saturday, and Matthew, Tina and the boys on Sunday, before making the long drive back up. I wish we could have stayed a little longer, but unfortunately that next week at work is a big week for me.

Work wise, I am still doing the 2 jobs: The project the Commission comes to an end at the end of the month, and the NHS job seems to be open-ended, albeit only 3 days per week. At least I will work another 2 days per month for the Commission at the end of my project, which translates into a 3.5-4 day week by the time I have factored in the amount of time I already ‘owe’ the NHS, which I need to work in.

I am still doing my running. I beg your pardon: jogging. I don’t think I run fast enough to call it running! Although I went out on Tuesday morning as usual. The weather looked threatening and I just didn’t feel like going out and getting soaked 2 miles from home. So I came up with a solution: One block up there is a nice culde-sac. I would run the length of it as fast as I could, then walk back. I repeated this until I felt half dead. And now I am so stiff it is just not funny! Changing gears on the car on the way into work was agonising. But at least it is a ‘good sore’. You feel like you’ve earned it!
It is bed time. I need an early night. Especially when I have to get up at 5.20 for my next session of torture ….