Eventful bank holiday weekend

Friday night was a quiet night in and curry take-away from little local place called Taste of India in Altrincham. We can really recommend them. They deliver, their curries are consistently good and they make low fat curries!
Saturday was busy. I popped into Altrincham to have my nails done and check out the local shops. Altrincham has been developed over the last few years and recently a new Boots store opened up in a very swanky looking store. Last week H&M opened next door! I love H&M – they are good for cheap and cheerful fashion items. I bought a lovely, pretty new dress at Rackhams – on sale of course!
I got home just in time to change and leave for our golf lesson. Our teacher, Glynn Traynor (apt name for a coach!) is really good and patient. Tim and I are progressing slowly but surely, and he thinks we’re almost good enough to unleash on the golf course. We have only been in the driving range thus far.
By the time we got home, it was almost time for me to go and have my hair done (see separate blog post for that) before going out on the town on Saturday night. I find this ‘going out’ thing rather exhausting. I don’t know how people go out night after night, week after week! I was so tired as I had still not caught up on the lack of sleep last week, I didn’t know whether I was going to last beyond 10.00 pm! I did though.
We started off at Cloud 23, the bar in the Hilton hotel tower block. The weather was good and the view spectacular. Drinks are eye-watering expensive (£8 for a cocktail), but the experience is fantastic. Had we stayed there all night, the bill would have been exorbitant. So we moved on for dinner. We went to Chinatown and had dinner at Try Thai in Faulkener Street. The décor was rather stayed, but the quality of the food made up for it!
The night ended with a quick trip to Canal Street. For those who don’t know, or have never been to Canal Street, it is Manchester’s gay area. This also means that it is flamboyant, fantastically colourful and makes for good crowd-watching. We only lasted for a drink or two before I started to seriously fade. Luckily we were home by 12.30 am.
Sunday morning started with a trip to the Farmer’s market in High Legh. We made some very interesting purchases, including ostrich burger patties and goat sausages. I had some serious reservations about the goat meat, but the lady who was selling it provided some samples which convinced me! Lisa wasn’t so impressed when we served it up later on in the day!
The rest of Sunday, I worked. The admin and bookkeeping for my limited company had fallen behind and it took Lisa and I the rest of the day to get it done. She was a god-sent, otherwise it would have taken me another day.
Luckily today I had full day’s rest. My day consisted of nothing more than going for a run (or rather jog, as I am not at the running standard yet!), painting a few pictures for my friend’s little girl, watching 2 DVDs and a movie on telly. I don’t think I have watched this much telly in a day for ages!
I do wish I had one more day off before work tomorrow, but at least it’s only a 4-day week.