I went in for my regular trim on Saturday afternoon before going out on Saturday night for Tim’s leaving ‘do’. He was going to meet me afterwards and we would go straight from there.
I was busy telling my hairdresser, Ray, of a picture I cut out and planned to bring to him to see. It was a very short funky hairstyle, but I was too scared and thought it won’t suit me, so I threw it away. When I explained what it looked like, he convinced me to ‘go for it’! I must be honest, I was rather worried, nervous and excited all in one. I gave in, but each time he cut off a big chunk of hair, I winced, but smiled nervously.
Tim came to meet me – I could see the shock on his face. “You didn’t tell me you were cutting it all off,” he said. “Neither did I.” I replied.

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I am still not convinced. Tim says it has grown on him and Lisa loves it, but will I grow to love it?