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May 2009

Brilliant sunshine

We have experienced probably one of the most glorious weekends I can remember in Altrincham. The weekend started at lunch time on Friday for me. Usually, Fridays I try to finish early – around 4.00 or 4.30. But then I… Continue Reading →

Flat available for British Lion’s test to South Africa

I just helped my dad to put an advert for his flat in Pretoria, onto the internet. For anyone who knows someone who might be interested: Pretoria – WaterkloofSelf-catering apartment available for the week of the Lion’s Tour to South… Continue Reading →

Favourite phodie from the Kruger

I was just sorting out some pictures I took whilst in the Kruger Park earlier this year, and this picture is by far my favourite. I love monkeys at the best of times, but this baby was exceptionally cute and… Continue Reading →

Flowers in her hair

Annother wet weekend in Manchester – luckily we managed to take a few pictures before it got very wet. Tim endured the photo shoot, because I pointed out to him that neither of us have a decent picture of each… Continue Reading →

A crumpet is a pancake is a crepe ….

While I was writing the last post, I thought I might need to elaborate on the whole pancakes – crumpets thing. When I first moved over to Europe, I became very confused about the same things having different names ……. Continue Reading →

Let’s talk breakfast

Yesterday was a decadent day. The day started with Breakfast at the American Bar in Hale. Let’s talk about their breakfasts for a minute. My personal opinion is that they currently serve the best breakfast in the Altrincham/Hale area, although… Continue Reading →

Feeling a bit poorly …

Last night I slept so badly and this morning I was feeling rather poorly. I stayed home and worked from here. I would have preferred to just lie on the sofa all day, but unfortunately the nature of contracting is… Continue Reading →

Spring bank holiday weekend

Eventful bank holiday weekend Friday night was a quiet night in and curry take-away from little local place called Taste of India in Altrincham. We can really recommend them. They deliver, their curries are consistently good and they make low… Continue Reading →

Hesketh’s hairstyle

I went in for my regular trim on Saturday afternoon before going out on Saturday night for Tim’s leaving ‘do’. He was going to meet me afterwards and we would go straight from there. I was busy telling my hairdresser,… Continue Reading →

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