I so wish I had more time to write my blog – I love doing it. Problem is just, I love doing so many other things too. I was thinking recently about how many hobbies and interests I have. Add on top of that, things I ‘have to’ or ‘need to’ do, and it is no wonder I feel like the days don’t have enough hours in them.

So the kind of things I am interested in, include (but aren’t limited to): Reading, cooking, beading, walking, cycling, drawing & painting, playing the piano, decorating (not with a paintbrush in hand, more strategic decorating and following the property market!), writing (and writing my blog), learning languages, actually learning on the whole, keeping in touch with my family, playing with my cat, dabbling in gardening (but I am rubbish at it), travelling, local & family history, keeping in touch with friends (but struggle to due to time constraints), eating out, knitting and sewing, rummikub (the best board game ever) and scrabble, watching SA TV on the internet (to maintain my Afrikaans) and rugby.

Things that leave me cold: most of what’s on telly, football (except when Joe Hart is playing, then I will support whichever team he is playing for!), reading newspapers (except for the Guardian Magazine and Travel Section), shopping (except when I am in the mood), drinking (it just doesn’t do it for me) and nights out that centre around drinking, late nights (I get up very early) and of course any form of chores.

Having said all that, I shall update my news, relating to all the above, in the next blog entry …