Anyone who knows me will know that I like to be organised. I can’t think straight unless I feel that I am in control. I need to be organised in everything I do. I can’t, for instance, study or work in a room that’s untidy. Recently, I realised that our house is just not in order. Our cupboards and study had become a dumping ground to keep visible areas tidy. And when I am under stress in other areas of my live, these things bother me more than they ordinarily would. I could only live with it for so long and enough was enough!

I took off last Monday to Thursday to do a proper spring clean. Only thing is, I underestimated the job at hand! Who would have thought that Tim and I had accumulated so many things in our 6 years together. I have managed to sort out the bedrooms and half of the study. I am still not finished. But I refused to do anything today – I needed a day off.
Our garage is now the staging area for everything that needs to go for good: either to the tip, or to a charity shop. And the piles are growing and growing. I do feel that everything is far more in order than it was before, but I still feel like I only scratched the surface. I could keep going for at least another week, but alas, I have to go back to work on Tuesday.