To avid followers of my blog, I can only apologise. I didn’t lose interest, I lost time! My life has been ridiculous busy since the beginning of the year, and in fact even before that. But it has been particularly crazy recently.

The obvious question to follow, would be : Why? Too be honest, I am not even 100% sure. I think a lot of it stems from the fact that I am a busy body who takes on too much, but won’t give up socialising either. But here is a taster of the things I have been doing:

Painting course
I have just finished a 9-week art course at the Lowry. It was fantastic! I really enjoyed it so much. Mostly probably for the escape it gave me from the ‘real world’. If only I now had enough time to actually pursue it ….

Tim and I are learning to play golf. It is something I have been threatening to do for about 10 years, but never got around to it. So we have finally taken the plunge and have been testing our golf trainer, Glyn Traynor’s (good last name for a trainer!) patience since about mid-Jan. We’re both enjoying it and improving week by week. He has been training us step-by-step and we are at the point now where we are doing a full golf swing, but limited to a no. 7 iron. Next week we’re having a go with other golf clubs. Ah, let me just mention, I have difficulty remembering that I am supposed to call them “golf clubs” as I invariably end up calling them “golf sticks”, which isn’t so cool! But, it is a direct translation from the Afrikaans “golfstokke”, and hence the confusion

I have a new job. I now have 2 projects on the go. More about this in detail later

Been away
We have been away (South Africa), gone out for family day trips, had friends to stay over weekends

Been going to rugby – Sale sharks

Been catching up with admin that has got way out of hand (my business, the building, the charity, my rental house, tax returns etc!)

Are the next months coming up going to be any easier? In short, probably not!