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March 2009

Weekend painting and fun

For those who don’t know, I recently did an art course which inspired me to pick up my paintbrushes again. Although I did a landscape course, it is really fun stuff that inspire me most. But more than that, I… Continue Reading →

Live to work or work to live?

My work situation has changed somewhat. Without really looking too hard, I was approached to do a project at an NHS trust in Lancashire. I didn’t really have time to think it through properly as they needed an answer asap,… Continue Reading →

What else is news in the Tim & Liezl household?

Tim and I are not both the proud owners of Blackberries! We are now (in theory) fully contactable and can write and receive emails any time of night or day. However, the reality is, those little keyboards are really made… Continue Reading →

Why haven’t I blogged recently?

To avid followers of my blog, I can only apologise. I didn’t lose interest, I lost time! My life has been ridiculous busy since the beginning of the year, and in fact even before that. But it has been particularly… Continue Reading →

Old post – South Africa Jan/Feb 09

!– @page { size: 21cm 29.7cm; margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } –> Saturday 31st January Would you believe it if I said it has been raining non-stop since we arrived?! Not quite what we hoped, for a… Continue Reading →

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