….. you are about to get onto the tram to go to work, when you remember that you actually had a doctor’s appointment in an hour’s time …. and you could have slept in! I can’t believe I let such a golden opportunity for a few hours’ extra sleep, slip through my fingers.

I have been very busy these last few weeks, and have been getting home after 9.30 in the evening. But I think eventually my brain just gets full – it reaches saturation – and then it just can’t (or won’t!) think anymore. So I start forgetting useful things and start remembering useless things. Strange how the grey matter works.

Anyhow, so I am sitting here in my chair, freezing (because I don’t really want to put the heating back on). I will be ringing my dad in about 5 minutes’ time again. I was speaking to him before but my mum had called him for his breakfast. So I was asked to give him a break and then ring him back in a few minutes.

Let me go an get myself a nice warm brew while I wait!