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January 2009

you know you’re getting old when …

….. you are about to get onto the tram to go to work, when you remember that you actually had a doctor’s appointment in an hour’s time …. and you could have slept in! I can’t believe I let such… Continue Reading →

An update …

On the train again. But this time I have a little news before I start my usual rants! Yesterday I had a rather unusual day: I was starting a Landscape Painting course, so I decided to go for a quick… Continue Reading →

Sale Sharks 14 – London Irish 8

Justice was done! It was a really freezing evening and I cannot remember ever in my life wearing this many clothes. This is what I piled on: Woolen tights (Stockings) Skiing socks (woollen) Snow-type shoes Jeans Thermal underwear Long sleeved… Continue Reading →

The big freeze

Global warmning? Not in England it’s not warming. It is definitely the coldest winter since I moved 10 years ago. Right this minute: And it doesn’t look like it will be getting much warmer either. Tonight we’re expecting a whopping… Continue Reading →

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