We had my parents-in-law and Tim’s youngest sister over for dinner at Christmas. We decided that, as none of us really like turkey, we would have a rolled-shoulder of lamb instead. And it was delicious. We ate ourselves to a standstill!

New Year

We are planning to have a very quiet evening. I am quite happy to see the new year in, tucked up in bed.

The Sales

I have done my stint in THE SALES. Hayley and I went into Altrincham on Saturday, and we both came away with a good few bargains. Most things I bought were pressies for when we go to South Africa at the end of January. I was very disappointed that there were so few kids clothes on sale though. I think you would have had to camp outside the shops and be there when they open at 5.00 am to find the decent stuff at good prices!


I have this week off . Tim is working Mon – Wed. But I so wish he had more time off too. I am planning to do very little over the next few days. Perhaps a bit of knitting, sewing, painting and beading. Today I am having my hair cut and on Wednesday I need to pick Lisa up from the airport. Other than that, there is nothing planned at all!