Lisa has been away, and I have been going over to hers to feed her cats. She lives in a cottage on a farm about 4 miles from us. But we decided we’d walk there and make use of our recently purchased walking shoes.

We were enjoying the beautiful cold, but crisp air. The sun was out, but being December it was low. It really was just a perfect day to be out. The next thing, we saw a pig in the road ahead. And a big pig she was. She was crossing the bridge over the M56, but we tried to get it to turn around by running at her shouting. But she was having none of it. Tim ran on to the nearest farmhouse, while I kept an eye on the pig. She really was like a pig in sh*t with all that freedom! Eventually the farmer arrived with his truck (bakkie) and drove the pig back to the farm, nudging her with his bull-bar at the front of the truck.

Pig safely deposited, we continued our walk uninterrupted!