Christmas is around the corner. But I must say, I just haven’t been bitten by the Christmas bug this year. I wish I could just have it over with. The only thing I am looking forward to, is the time off! I am off from the 24th through to the 4th – about 10 days.

My sister, husband and 2 girls are considering a trip over in June next year. I am so hoping it will become a reality! But it also seems very likely that my parents will come over again – and I love it when they come over. So we’ll see quite a bit of the family next year, I hope.

We are having a mulled wine, chocolate & mince pie afternoon / evening at ours Christmas Eve. If any of our friends are free, we’d love it if you popped in.

I haven’t had confirmation yet, but it is likely that my contract will be extended to March 09. If I do get confirmation this side of Christmas, it does mean that I will worry much less over the Christmas break! If I don’t, I will be job hunting in earnest come January.

Tim and I counted today, and our holiday to South Africa is only 6.5 weeks away! I can’t believe it is so close. I am really looking forward to it.

Christmas markets
I love going to the Christmas markets! We were there on Thursday. If you haven’t been, you’re missing out. I love the pork & sage stuffing rolls … and of course the gluhwein (mulled wine).

Long weekend & bad food
Tim and I both had Friday off, so this weekend was a long weekend for us. It has been brilliant, except that we had very disappointing food. The plan was to have a take-away from Everest (local Indian) on Friday night and Sunday dinner at the Griffin this afternoon. Firstly, we found out that Everest has become the Green Chilli and their food is not nearly as good as Everest’s was. In fact, it was totally disappointing and bland. The Griffin was closed for lunch because they had been booked out by two christenings this afternoon. We landed up at Earle in Hale for extremely disappointing and mediocre food. I don’t think we’ll go there again in a hurry.

And what’s this Christmas food menu thing at every restaurant? Christmas food is so boring.