Juniper is one of the region’s few Michellin starred restaurants. And we’re off there for lunch today. We elected to go at lunch time because it is vaguely affordable then. When I booked it, it was advertising a 3-course lunch men u for £19.99. I have just checked their website, and it is saying lunches from £14.95, so either the price has gone down due to the credit crunch (or I think we are allowed to call it a full blown recession now) or it might only be 2 courses.

The interesting thing about Juniper is that it is the type of food that you could never cook yourself. Each plate is a work of that, that is then consumed. The portions are tiny, but htat is so that you’ll be able to take part in their gastro-tasting, which consists of 9 courses, I think, at a price of about £90, but that includes the right wine with each course. I tried to log onto their website to confirm the prices and facts, but I couldn’t seem to find it. Now Tim is very worried that we’ll arrive there today and then we’ll not be able to afford it, because things might have changed.