For those who read my recent blogs, our search for a holiday that would tick all our boxes, has finally come to an end. These were the contenders:

Go to Gambia for a week birdwatching and a chimpanzee camp for a night. Problem: only Thompson and Thomas Cook fly there and their seat pitches are 29”. Because it is only a 6 hour flight it is not deemed long haul. Tim would find it very difficult to sit in such a small seat for that length of time. There are no ‘premium economy’ or similar options. Approx cost: £1000 per person

Go showshoeing in the Pyrenees – too difficult to get there. Approx £750 per person

Go to India (our original holiday choice), but in the current political climate, we’re too scared to actually! Approx £1500 per person

Learn horse-riding in Poland – wrong time of the year. Approx £1000 per person

So finally we decided on:

Trip to the Kruger Park in South Africa. Approx cost £550 per person! Flights were cheap for January: £450 each. We’re using Dad’s timeshare at Kruger Park Lodge, a beautiful Gold Crown Golf Resort on the border of the Kruger Park. This means we can both learn to play golf AND go game watching on a typical day. And we only need to pay his exchange fee of approx £200 for the week. We could have gone to another resort (without golf course) for free, because I own a week of timeshare myself that we could have exhanged. But we decided to pay and stay in luxury. (The value of a week there is approx £1000 if you booked it privately). And lastly, my dad has offered that we could borrow his car. But even if we did hire one, it would have cost us only about £100 for a week. Car hire used to be very dear in South Africa, but prices have come down quite dramatically. So all in all very good value for money. Also, with the declining pound, South Africa remains a good destination, because the pound has remained strong against the rand.

Our friends Paul and Rachel just returned from a holiday in South Africa that they raved and raved about. It made us realise that we would love to go back. The only thing Tim was trying to overcome is that fact that he didn’t actually want to fly long-haul.

Now I am slowly starting to become excited. I am still anxious about the fact that I have heard nothing about a contract extension at the end of January, which means I might be unemployed when I get back. But it is a risk we take …