Rochelle and I just got back from our pamper day at Indigo Fields in Nottingham Road, on the Midlands Meander. We had such a fantastic time. It really is a good day out, and really not that expensive at all. I can’t remember exactly how much it was, but it was less than 100 pounds for 4 meals, sleeping over and all the treatments. Once you’re there, everything is complimentary. Really good value for money.

We arrived around 9.30 am and got whisked off for breakfast – including champagne! Only problem is, we had already eaten at home. But Rochelle’s friend Kathy had told us that they will feed us nice things all day, and we absolutely must eat everything they give us – so we did!

After breakfast we were shown to our rooms and asked to change into our bikinis. Now, I had especially packed my bikini for the pamper day, but when it came to getting changed, my bikini was just not there! Quelle dommage! I had no alternative but to do it in my underwear, but my see-through bra and knickers were just not very suitable. But there was no choice, so see-through bra and knickers it was. I don’t know what the poor ladies, who were doing the treatments, thought of that. We did get to wear a zip-up white towelling gown over the top. Luckily everything is very private and it’s not like you’re mixing with other people who are there …

First treatment was a foot soak. Everything is done in pairs, so Rochelle and I were seated next to each other. I had forgotten how ticklish I was on my feet, so each time the lady touched my feet, I got the giggles. As I started to giggle, everyone else started to giggle too. Soon all 4 of us, Rochelle and I and the two therapists were giggling. I was laughing so much, the tears were streaming down my cheeks! Time to move to the next treatment.

We were escorted to a steam room, where we were left to relax. Once again, everything was private, so we had the steam room to ourselves. We were almost at the point of fainting, when we were whisked into a treatment room with 2 beds. It was time for our full-body salt scrub. It feels so good when they pour the salt onto you, before they massage it over your body. It’s all lavender scented and feels rather decadent.

Thereafter we were ushered to a jacuzzi to wash the salt off and relax even further. At this point you’re offered more champagne and/or orange juice. It really is lovely if you’re with someone you like a lot, because there is a lot of time to chat and bond.

At this point, they ask you to go back and change into dry underwear. This set off our giggles again, because i didn’t have any dry underwear! So we just remained wet. Whenever any of the therapists speak to you, they whisper, so as to not spoil the mood.

An old jeep was ready to take us down to the boma for further treatments. I nearly slipped down a bank, but managed to just maintain my balance. The first treatment was an indian head massage. The effort I had gone to to wash my hair in the morning, was all in vain, because we looked like an oil slick by the time that treatment started. Rochelle ensured that she reminded me off it throughout the day.

Next was a facial and neck and shoulder massage whilst lying on your back. It was really great. I think that massage was my most favourite part of the entire trip. It felt like it lasted forever.

Time for lunch. Lunch consisted of: home-made olive bread, mixed salad, quiche and wine. Everything was delicious. But as it hadn’t been that long since our 2 breakfasts, we weren’t able to squeeze in a pudding! We had a bit of time to rest before our afternoon session. Once again we were driven down to a boma (a different one this time) for our full body massage. Rochelle had opted for the hot stone massage, but I had elected the swedish massage with firm pressure. The therapist was brilliant! We were both so relaxed by the time we finished there. They ask you to drink a lot of water during the day, but luckily had installed some very stylish bush toilets at the bomas.

At the end, we were taken into a lounge where we were offered home made truffles and Amarula while they took our dinner order. The truffles were the best truffles I have eaten in a very long time! The first thing on the dinner menu was sliced beef fillet, so I switched off after that and barely heard the other options, because I had already made up my mind. We were encouraged to go back to our rooms and change into something comfortable – such as pajamas! Dinner would be served in our rooms.

Just after 7.00 dinner arrived – and it was delicious. We were also offered some dessert. Rochelle went for lemon meringue tart whereas I couldn’t resist the cheesecake. We did attempt to watch a DVD afterwards, but we were both falling asleep by about 9.15 pm, so we eventually called it a night.

There were 2 double beds, so we had a bed each. Rochelle slept upstairs, and I slept downstairs.

This morning we were ready for breakfast before 8.00 am, but we wanted to get away early as Jaimée was sick at home, and a mother’s first priority needs to be her kids. Breakfast was served in the main house’s dining room and was once again incredibly good.

We were home just after 10.00 am, and the rest of the day was spent just fluffing about. It was really nice. I watched the film ‘Beethoven’ with Jaimée as she lay on the couch, Rochelle and I took a walk to the strawberry fields, we had lunch outside, I helped Rochelle to dye her hair and later we watched some telly. Just a perfectly relaxing last day. Tomorrow morning is going to be an early start. I am driving back to Pretoria via Johannesburg (or Jozie or Jo’burg as it is also known) to visit my friend Sarah-Louise. I don’t want to get there too late, especially as I need to get back to Pretoria before rush hour.

I am dreading the goodbyes. The mere thought of saying goodbye already makes me feel tearful. And I don’t think I will see anyone again until next Christmas, in 15 months’ time! The kids grow up so quickly, so 15 months really is a long time. Let’s hope I can come before that – or that they will come and visit us. We would so love to have them visit us. Instead of spending money on flights to SA, we can apply those funds to help the family visit us ….

Bed time as it is an early start tomorrow.