We have 10 minutes before we need to leave to:

  • Drop off Lauren’s children at home;

  • Before going to church at 8.30

I have forgotten how early everything starts in SA

The weather report said today was going to be nice, but at the moment it is looking pretty grim. I can’t believe I left England’s grim weather, just to be met by grim weather in Greytown. We have had 1 nice day in Greytown. But in Pretoria, it is pretty gorgeous every day, so at least I ought to get some good weather when I go back up there.

Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to buy Hannah Montana and High School Musical after all. It’s all we hear!!! We thought they would only listen to it on their mp3 players, but in fact when they have friends around, they need to dance to it, so it goes on loud loud loud.

It’s time to go. I feel so tired. I hope I don’t fall asleep in church ….

…later on Sunday ….

We came home after church. It hadn’t warmed up as promised, so I was freezing myself to death. I had to come and put more clothes on. I certainly hadn’t packed for cold weather. I am wearing Rochelle’s socks and shoes most of the time. My sandals and crocs for the farm just won’t do!

But as I approached the farm, I realised that I didn’t have a key to the gate. I did have a front door key, so I had to park my car outside the gate and climb over 2 gates to get into the yard. Not an easy feat in high heeled sandals.

We all huddled into the tv room and Andy made us a fire while Rochelle got dinner going and we watched a DVD with the kids. 2 DVDs later and it started to warm up. The grey day was disappearing and the blue sky was returning. Conditions were improving, so we decided to all to out on the quad bikes: Rochelle and I on one bike, and Andy, Jaimee and Kyla on the other bike. I got a time to ride too, but I didn’t realise how tough it is on your thumbs! You press the accelerator with your right thumb. At one point, I had to go up this really steep hill, but I was struggling. I thought we were going to be stuck there! But once we managed to get the bike into gear and 4×4, we managed to get to the top.

We have been home for a few minutes and my hands and toes have almost thawed out. I think we’ll get another fire later …. but for now I had better go and help Rochelle with dinner: boiled eggs and toast.